Is Your Baby Having Problems Sleeping at Night?

baby sleep at night with bed bug bitesThere are many reasons why your baby might have a hard time falling and staying asleep at night. Don’t worry, most of the reasons are not serious. In this post, we’re going to share some tips to help get your baby into sleep mode faster and longer than ever before, naturally, safely, and enjoyably.

Common Problems that Keep Your Baby from Falling Asleep

Many babies don’t want to fall asleep unless they’re in your arms. As soon as you put them down, they become very awake once again. One solution is to pick them up and rock them gently while walking around the room to make them drowsy, then set them down with a hand on their belly so they know you’re still there and feel comforted. Then wait a minute or 2 and slowly pull your arm away. Try this several times until it works, because most likely, it will work.

If your baby falls asleep and gets too much sleep during the day in the car seat, you may be planning your errands around nap time, or you may just need to try to keep baby engaged while out and about a bit more. No heavy metal music, please. Just a gentle way to keep the child awake is worth a try. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting your own schedule.

Sometimes your baby wakes up really fast after going to sleep for a nap. This could mean not getting enough sleep overall. For instance, most babies need a nap within 2 hours of waking for the day at morning time. Also, check your baby’s sleep environment to make sure the temperature’s right and there’s no distractions like toys or anything that makes them forget to take nap time seriously. They also may need more naps, or need a darker room for nap time.

Your baby may need less naps as it gets older. At 15 months, a baby may be ready to graduate to just one or 2 naps a day. Also, sometimes the baby needs some aural stimulation like a soft soothing piece of music that effectively helps them drift off to la la land.

You have found your baby with lots of little red bumps on its body, and you know it isn’t chicken pox. Your baby might be getting bit by bed bugs. Bed bugs have become such a common occurrence in modern times after a long absence, that authorities and landlords as well as even responsible parents don’t know what to do. While you may be quick to reach for a store-bought bed bug spray, you’re just going to be frustrated and potentially expose your baby to harmful substances. Getting a residual, natural and safe solution that is affordable and does not come into contact with your baby is ideal. With a little online market research you can find quickly what gets rid of bed bugs

When it comes to feeding your baby, consistency is key. Some babies even perform sleep feeding or dream feeding. Try to distance feeding from naps gradually longer to stop the association with sleep feeding, as well as making sure to give plenty of daytime feeds and perhaps fewer or shorter naps during the day.

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep at Night

1. Keep your baby engaged and active during the daylight hours.
2. Give baby a bath before bedtime.
3. Give baby a massage before bedtime to relax the baby.
4. Put on some special music/sounds to soothe baby to sleep.
5. Make your baby a specific set of sleep time clothing so that baby associates this feeling with sleep.

Free Music with Special Frequencies to Help Baby (and You) Sleep Better at Night