Bed Bug Horror Stories

As you well know, bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood – specifically human blood. They prefer warm habitats like warm houses, near or inside beds, bedding and other sleeping areas.

bed bug infestation on an airplaneBelow are a few personal bed bug horror stories.

Bed Bugs On an Airplane flight

A Yahoo executive has a personal bed bug horror story while she was on a flight. She was seated in a premium economy. Shortly before take-off, she spotted a single bug scamper that was on the top of the seat in front of her. She was more or less curious about it when it slid down the headrest and into the seat in front of her.

About three hours later, she reached out to adjust something on screen as she watched a movie. Before she could tap on the screen to choose an option, she noticed a silhouette of a familiar bug creeping on her finger. She shook it off with disgust.

Thirty minutes later, she was still thinking about the bug. Her imagination was already running wild. She felt like she was perceiving spots on the arms of her T-shirt and blanket over her lap. Thus, to calm her nerves, she turned on the overhead light. Sadly, she was not just imagining it.

There was a known shaped bug in the central part of the blanket on her lap that ran away quickly from the light. Her neighbor helped her trap the bug and disposed of it in the walkway. She assessed it was far away from her and hoped it was squished somewhere in the process.

At some point later on, she went to drink water, as well as a bathroom break. She looked in the mirror and it took her a minute to realize the smaller bugs with lighter color than that one on her blanket crawling around her T-shirt. She used paper towels to remove them one by one. There have been about four live ones on her shirt, two were crushed on her shoulder, as well as a blood stain right on the back of her shirt where she must have leaned over on a full-stomached one. She had a total of 48 bed bug bites. She was so shocked and her neighbor encouraged her to report it to the flight attendant.

Setting bed bugs on fire

A man living in Detroit was so overwhelmed by the bed bugs in his apartment. He showered himself with alcohol. Afterward, he tried lighting a bed bug on fire. The result that followed caused him some serious burns and destroyed four units in the building and many more others that were damaged by water.

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