Bed Bugs in TN Prisons, Iceland Hotels, and Bedbug Symposium Planned for San Jose CA

get rid of bed bugs in hotels fastBed bugs are the parasitic insects that feed mainly on human blood. They are primarily pesky tiny pests that sneak into areas such as furniture, carpet, and bed, and at night they bite. The bites also referred to as cimicosis can lead to several adverse skin reactions including rashes and allergic reactions. Read on for bed bugs news that have hit the headlines in the recent past across the world.

#1. September 6, 2017: TN Prison convicts send News 4 Bed Bugs to prove they have a Bed Bug Problem

Two inmates at SCCC (South Central Correctional Center) in Tennessee decided to send a letter to News 4 explaining that they have had to contend with bedbug problems for one year. The inmates added that while workers in the facility spray the surroundings occasionally, the insecticide doesn’t seem to work.

To prove that what they were saying is true, the convicts taped several dead bed bugs, prompting News 4 to send the evidence to Belmont University entomologist, Dr. Steven Murphree, to ascertain the claim. Murphree could, however, not confirm or deny their claim instead saying; “I can’t say it is a bed bug since I have never come across one that is that large.” The inmates concluded the letter by asking the station to help in any way it can.

#2. September 5, 2017: Bed Bugs Infest Iceland

According to Steinar Marberg, an exterminator, bed bugs have infested Iceland possibly due to the high number of tourists visiting the country. For instance, last year alone, about 1.8 million persons visited Iceland, surpassing the country’s population of 340 000. Steinar is, however, quick to add that the problem should not be blamed entirely on tourists.

The fact Icelanders are also currently traveling overseas in larger numbers than ever before further compounds the bed bug problem. Then there are those who are returning from Europe after the recession. Several factors are at play and putting all the blame on the foreigners is unfair.

#3.August 28, 2017: Allergy Technologies make public California Bed Bug Symposium

Proactive Preventive Bed Bug Symposium
is scheduled to take place on December 5, 2017, in San Jose, then on December 7 in Anaheim. The events are intended to help pest professionals and commercial sales representatives deliver preventive service programs to protect their clients, guests, beds, and reputation from the insects.

Dr. Phil Koehler, a renowned entomologist, will speak in the first session geared towards the assisted-living, hoteliers and property managers about how to get rid of bed bugs for good. The Chair of Allergy Technologies, Joseph Latino, will deliver a speech in the subsequent session designed for Pest management experts and sales representatives.

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