Is Your Baby Having Problems Sleeping at Night?

baby sleep at night with bed bug bitesThere are many reasons why your baby might have a hard time falling and staying asleep at night. Don’t worry, most of the reasons are not serious. In this post, we’re going to share some tips to help get your baby into sleep mode faster and longer than ever before, naturally, safely, and enjoyably.

Common Problems that Keep Your Baby from Falling Asleep

Many babies don’t want to fall asleep unless they’re in your arms. As soon as you put them down, they become very awake once again. One solution is to pick them up and rock them gently while walking around the room to make them drowsy, then set them down with a hand on their belly so they know you’re still there and feel comforted. Then wait a minute or 2 and slowly pull your arm away. Try this several times until it works, because most likely, it will work.

If your baby falls asleep and gets too much sleep during the day in the car seat, you may be planning your errands around nap time, or you may just need to try to keep baby engaged while out and about a bit more. No heavy metal music, please. Just a gentle way to keep the child awake is worth a try. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting your own schedule.

Sometimes your baby wakes up really fast after going to sleep for a nap. This could mean not getting enough sleep overall. For instance, most babies need a nap within 2 hours of waking for the day at morning time. Also, check your baby’s sleep environment to make sure the temperature’s right and there’s no distractions like toys or anything that makes them forget to take nap time seriously. They also may need more naps, or need a darker room for nap time.

Your baby may need less naps as it gets older. At 15 months, a baby may be ready to graduate to just one or 2 naps a day. Also, sometimes the baby needs some aural stimulation like a soft soothing piece of music that effectively helps them drift off to la la land.

You have found your baby with lots of little red bumps on its body, and you know it isn’t chicken pox. Your baby might be getting bit by bed bugs. Bed bugs have become such a common occurrence in modern times after a long absence, that authorities and landlords as well as even responsible parents don’t know what to do. While you may be quick to reach for a store-bought bed bug spray, you’re just going to be frustrated and potentially expose your baby to harmful substances. Getting a residual, natural and safe solution that is affordable and does not come into contact with your baby is ideal. With a little online market research you can find quickly what gets rid of bed bugs

When it comes to feeding your baby, consistency is key. Some babies even perform sleep feeding or dream feeding. Try to distance feeding from naps gradually longer to stop the association with sleep feeding, as well as making sure to give plenty of daytime feeds and perhaps fewer or shorter naps during the day.

5 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep at Night

1. Keep your baby engaged and active during the daylight hours.
2. Give baby a bath before bedtime.
3. Give baby a massage before bedtime to relax the baby.
4. Put on some special music/sounds to soothe baby to sleep.
5. Make your baby a specific set of sleep time clothing so that baby associates this feeling with sleep.

Free Music with Special Frequencies to Help Baby (and You) Sleep Better at Night

Bed Bug Horror Stories

As you well know, bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood – specifically human blood. They prefer warm habitats like warm houses, near or inside beds, bedding and other sleeping areas.

bed bug infestation on an airplaneBelow are a few personal bed bug horror stories.

Bed Bugs On an Airplane flight

A Yahoo executive has a personal bed bug horror story while she was on a flight. She was seated in a premium economy. Shortly before take-off, she spotted a single bug scamper that was on the top of the seat in front of her. She was more or less curious about it when it slid down the headrest and into the seat in front of her.

About three hours later, she reached out to adjust something on screen as she watched a movie. Before she could tap on the screen to choose an option, she noticed a silhouette of a familiar bug creeping on her finger. She shook it off with disgust.

Thirty minutes later, she was still thinking about the bug. Her imagination was already running wild. She felt like she was perceiving spots on the arms of her T-shirt and blanket over her lap. Thus, to calm her nerves, she turned on the overhead light. Sadly, she was not just imagining it.

There was a known shaped bug in the central part of the blanket on her lap that ran away quickly from the light. Her neighbor helped her trap the bug and disposed of it in the walkway. She assessed it was far away from her and hoped it was squished somewhere in the process.

At some point later on, she went to drink water, as well as a bathroom break. She looked in the mirror and it took her a minute to realize the smaller bugs with lighter color than that one on her blanket crawling around her T-shirt. She used paper towels to remove them one by one. There have been about four live ones on her shirt, two were crushed on her shoulder, as well as a blood stain right on the back of her shirt where she must have leaned over on a full-stomached one. She had a total of 48 bed bug bites. She was so shocked and her neighbor encouraged her to report it to the flight attendant.

Setting bed bugs on fire

A man living in Detroit was so overwhelmed by the bed bugs in his apartment. He showered himself with alcohol. Afterward, he tried lighting a bed bug on fire. The result that followed caused him some serious burns and destroyed four units in the building and many more others that were damaged by water.

Perhaps the man would have done much better to get a diatomaceous earth based product like the kind you can expect to find at this website to eliminate bed bugs yourself.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring- Why the Top 2 Treatments are Bad News

Facts About Snoring

-Over 90 Million Americans snore at night, and 25% of all adults are habitual snorers.

-The biggest risk factor for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are your weight. Over 70% of Americans are considered overweight, and over 37% are technically obese.

-Over 40% of sleep apnea sufferers will die early from preventable causes.

-Over half of all people with sleep apnea go undiagnosed.

sleep apnea treatments

Symptoms of a Snoring Problem/Sleep Apnea

-Waking up several times during the night

-Waking up gasping for air

-Feeling tired and restless all the time, even after 8 or 9 hours in bed

-Difficulty concentrating on daily tasks

The Negative Consequences of Sleep Apnea Surgery

-Sleep apnea surgery only has a 25 – 30% success rate.

-Sleep apnea surgery often does not solve the problem for the rest of a person’s life.

-Complications from sleep apnea surgery often mean difficulty swallowing, eating, and even sleeping.

Dangers and Downsides of CPAP

-Once you start CPAP, you are on it for life.

-CPAP can be a very tedious and inconvenient endeavor for which you find reasons to skip days using it, thus endangering you further from even a single night of non-use.

-CPAP can make people feel claustrophobic, and make sleeping itself become a difficult task.

-CPAP can cause rash, extreme heat and sweating or cold depending on the weather, may fall off during the night, and makes it difficult to travel as you get older with a heavy machine that you must take everywhere.

Natural Solutions for Beating Snoring

-Sleep on your side.

-Get more exercise and modify your diet to a lower calorie food intake.

-Try a low-cost stop snoring oral appliance or OTC sleep apnea mouthpiece as they have been declared a safe and effective solution for snoring by government health organizations.


If you suspect that you snore at night, you should be pro-active in seeking a solution so that sleep apnea does not take your life unnecessarily early. However, people should be advised that their doctors are likely to recommend the 2 usual suspects, surgery or the CPAP. Our goal today has been to show people that they should attempt to solve the problem at the lowest level before having to commit to lifelong consequences.

Bed Bugs in TN Prisons, Iceland Hotels, and Bedbug Symposium Planned for San Jose CA

get rid of bed bugs in hotels fastBed bugs are the parasitic insects that feed mainly on human blood. They are primarily pesky tiny pests that sneak into areas such as furniture, carpet, and bed, and at night they bite. The bites also referred to as cimicosis can lead to several adverse skin reactions including rashes and allergic reactions. Read on for bed bugs news that have hit the headlines in the recent past across the world.

#1. September 6, 2017: TN Prison convicts send News 4 Bed Bugs to prove they have a Bed Bug Problem

Two inmates at SCCC (South Central Correctional Center) in Tennessee decided to send a letter to News 4 explaining that they have had to contend with bedbug problems for one year. The inmates added that while workers in the facility spray the surroundings occasionally, the insecticide doesn’t seem to work.

To prove that what they were saying is true, the convicts taped several dead bed bugs, prompting News 4 to send the evidence to Belmont University entomologist, Dr. Steven Murphree, to ascertain the claim. Murphree could, however, not confirm or deny their claim instead saying; “I can’t say it is a bed bug since I have never come across one that is that large.” The inmates concluded the letter by asking the station to help in any way it can.

#2. September 5, 2017: Bed Bugs Infest Iceland

According to Steinar Marberg, an exterminator, bed bugs have infested Iceland possibly due to the high number of tourists visiting the country. For instance, last year alone, about 1.8 million persons visited Iceland, surpassing the country’s population of 340 000. Steinar is, however, quick to add that the problem should not be blamed entirely on tourists.

The fact Icelanders are also currently traveling overseas in larger numbers than ever before further compounds the bed bug problem. Then there are those who are returning from Europe after the recession. Several factors are at play and putting all the blame on the foreigners is unfair.

#3.August 28, 2017: Allergy Technologies make public California Bed Bug Symposium

Proactive Preventive Bed Bug Symposium
is scheduled to take place on December 5, 2017, in San Jose, then on December 7 in Anaheim. The events are intended to help pest professionals and commercial sales representatives deliver preventive service programs to protect their clients, guests, beds, and reputation from the insects.

Dr. Phil Koehler, a renowned entomologist, will speak in the first session geared towards the assisted-living, hoteliers and property managers about how to get rid of bed bugs for good. The Chair of Allergy Technologies, Joseph Latino, will deliver a speech in the subsequent session designed for Pest management experts and sales representatives.